Thursday, April 25, 2013

Technology in the Classroom

Doesn't that look like fun? Well my friends, that right there is technology being used in the classroom! So why wouldn't we put that in the classroom? Using technology in the classroom can only increase our students learning. It gives teachers the ability to take teaching to the next level because there are unlimited resources out there. While technology is definitely not a substitute for teaching, using the internet or other technology such as interactive whiteboards can increase the amount learned in a class period.

Using technology can also increase their depth of understanding. Many students are hand on learners so being able to use technology themselves can reinforce the information they are learning. They can even interact with other classrooms all around the world using technology. The possibilities are endless and I am on board with all of it! From the computers, cell phones, to interactive whiteboards, I say embrace the change and use it to your advantage! What do you think?

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